Friday, April 29, 2011

Smells Like...

This morning I get on the bike to take a couple of packages to be mailed and go get some cat food and other stuff like that at Target, and it was kind of chilly so I put my sweatshirt jacket on. I'm getting the bike out of the back yard and the air smells like poop so I'm checking my shoes to make sure that I didn't step in something and there is nothing on my shoes so I figure it's just the fresh Bakersfield air, which smells like poop quite often.

Keith is out in the driveway and I'm asking him if it doesn't smell like poop outside but he can't smell anything but his nose is usually all clogged up and he can't smell anyway, so off I go to run my errands.

And it still smells like poop.

I park the bike and check my shoes again and nothing there, drop off my packages at the handy mail center in Office Depot, cross the street over to Target and it still smells like poop. Even inside Target. I'm thinking wow, the air must really be bad today for me to still be able to smell it inside Target.

Back home again and I'm asking Keith again if he smells it and as he gets closer to my why, yes, he does smell the poop smell and we finally realize it is coming from my jacket. That somebody must have peed or pooped on (and it wasn't me), somebody like one of our furry friends, like probably Pepper because she's done that before. I don't remember leaving my jacket where she could pee on it, but somebody sure did. And now I'll be known as the stinky lady in Office Depot and Target, places where I go at least once a week if not twice. The stinky poop smelling lady.

I'll be doing the sniff test on all my clothes before leaving the house again.


PussDaddy said...

OMG, I'm sorry but this had me rollin'. lol


Anonymous said...

Well, I have to give you big kudos for riding your bike to all these places, poopy smelling or not! ;)