Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sugar Free Ice Cream and Other Stuff

I love ice cream (who doesn't). But, I'm not supposed to eat ice cream because it's full of sugar, so...when I saw some new sugar free ice cream in the freezers at Vons, I'm all like YESSSS! It's a brand called Clemmy's and it's totally sugar free and natural and kosher and all that and comes in the usual chocolate, vanilla, butter pecan, and a chocolate chip peanut butter. I tried the chocolate a week or so ago and it was good, not too chemical sweetener tasting, but I woke up in the middle of the night with some bad gas pains after eating it. I didn't really connect the two at the time. But I should have. I had some of the chocolate chip peanut butter yesterday after lunch, and yes, I ate too much of it because for me eating ice cream is like potato chips, you can't just stop at one. It's more like uh-oh, I can see the bottom of the carton so I'd really better stop.

Well, a few hours later my stomach started to really hurt and I was having REALLY BAD gas, not just REALLY BAD gas but REALLY STINKY REALLY BAD gas and I'm finally realizing that the sugar free ice cream is giving me the REALLY STINKY REALLY BAD gas. Because it's sweetened with zylitol, the same sweetener in sugar free candy which I don't eat because it gives me REALLY STINKY REALLY BAD gas.

So, no more sugar free ice cream for me because the pain (AND STINKY BAD GAS) was so not worth it.

We are still waiting to hear from Savage if Keith has a job or not. He went over there on Monday and talked to them and they say they are waiting for the go ahead from corporate headquarters and there is a lot of work piling up and they really need him back, but we are starting to think that they are just jerking him around and hoping he will go ahead and find another job. He hasn't heard from the cement plant yet either so that prospect isn't looking so good either. He's going to give them the rest of the week and then if no phone calls give up on them and get out there Monday with resume in hand. I am getting a little worried.

He's been keeping busy with working on the unfinished kitchen, putting up the shelf he wanted above the window over the sink, and getting the doors out to put back on the pantry and laundry closet. He hung the pantry door up although it's not painted yet and has no handle on it, and the kitchen looks really strange with a door back up and not being able to see the messy pantry closet and the trash cans. You get so used to how something looks, even if it looks bad.

He got distracted, though, and started pulling out the wood he's been saving for the back patio cover that he's been wanting to build for the past 3 or 4 years and was messing around with that stuff, so I fully expect the kitchen to not get finished but at least we'll have a door on the pantry even if it's not painted.

He even put up a couple of platforms in the tree out front for Lucy to sit in.

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