Monday, May 2, 2011

New Gate and Other Projects.

Lucy is still adapting well to the outdoor life, although she did fall out of the tree the other day. She also got into the house through the garage last night and fur started to fly. She and Buddy immediately started snarling at each other so we had to round her up and get her back outside. The other cats are getting used to seeing her outside the door but I kind of wonder what goes through their minds when they do see her out there.

Keith did finish the new gate that he started during the week in between leaving Savage and starting at the doomed BNSF job. A lovely new gate but a very expensive gate, something that in hindsight he never should have spent all that money on. Because we really could use it now to pay the huge new cell phone bill that came the other day. The cell phone that he got for the new doomed job. He did a lot of calling me during training at the doomed job and then did a lot more calling everybody the week that he was in Vegas when his mom was in the hospital. At 45c a minute it all really really added up. And this is why I hate cell phones.

Anyway, here's the new gate, all it needs is a clear sealant coat which who knows when that will get put on.

Of course he got all fancy with the recessed door and the overhead trellis thing. Things can't be simple with him. It is a very sturdy gate, though, and I'm sure when the next earthquake comes it will still be standing there next to the house that fell down.

And, instead of working on all the unfinished stuff inside the house he is building the patio cover trellis thing, a huge huge project that the materials for have been sitting in the garage for years. And years. I really wish he would finish the inside stuff but at least he isn't sitting around the house worrying about where he's going to find a job, he's just outside worrying about it. I am really ready for him to go back to work.

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