Monday, March 14, 2011

Train Shows and Warmer Weather and a Baby

So, did you all remember to set your clocks ahead so that you wouldn't be early or late or however that works for wherever you have to be today? It always takes me about a week to stop going around looking at the clock and mentally figuring out what time it really is, not what fake time it is.

Keith spent most of his weekend at the train show down at the fairgrounds. I didn't go with him because I didn't want to be bored while he examined each and every vendor's goods for hours and hours. He came home with some train cars and stuff that he bought on Saturday and then went through all the train cars and stuff that he already had here at home, then went back on Sunday to see if he could exchange one of the cars that he bought because he already had one just like it at home.

While he was at the train show on Sunday I had a little visitor.

Nathan asked if I would watch William for a little while so that he and Adrienne could do some yard work and get their vegetable garden going. I have forgotten how very busy a one year old is, and how you have to watch them every single second when you live in an un-baby proofed house with six cats that might scratch if this strange creature gets too close to them. He read his book for a while, tried to pet Lucy, then crawled around after Buddy, then found the cat toy box and played with cat toys, then drank some of his juice and played with his cup full of goldfish crackers. I had to go to the bathroom so what to do with this curious child? Bring him into the bathroom with me, shut the doors, and plop him down on the floor for a minute. I tried to call Keith so that he would come home from the train show and help me entertain, but he left his phone at home so here it was vibrating away on the counter while I'm trying to call him.

I was exhausted and William was only here for like an hour. Then Nathan was talking about the possibility of me babysitting if Adrienne goes back to work and I'm kind of like umm....well....umm... it would be kind of hard with all these cats in the house and the house not baby proofed and me trying to run a business and all. I don't think I'd want to babysit very often. I've forgotten that you can't even go to the bathroom by yourself when there are small children around. It's bad enough that the cats always have to come in the bathroom to see what I'm doing.

He's a really good baby, no fussing or crying, but I was so on edge afraid that he would hurt himself or eat a cat toy or something while he was here.

We have spring here. The weather was so nice this weekend, with sunny skies and just warm enough to have the windows open. The air isn't totally polluted yet either, so you actually can have your windows open.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Trying to picture you babysitting. Ha ha ha ha!!! Makes me fall off my bike.

jomamma said...

Know your limits! Once a year is plenty and tell them what I always tell mine..."you caught it, you clean it!" I guess that's why they don't have any and are still out there fishing. Hubby calls it the catch and release program.