Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cats and Stuff

Three more days and Keith is officially unemployed for a week. He decided to take a week's break before starting at BNSF on the 28th and Friday is his last day at Savage. I have a feeling that after having him underfoot for a week I will be really glad to have him start the new job. He will probably drive me nuts and make huge messes that I will have to clean up. I'm just hoping that he will finish some of the projects that have been unfinished for so very long. But I won't hold my breath.

Like the bathroom cabinet project. Years ago he decided to build a cabinet above the toilet since there is no storage in the shower/toilet part of the bathroom. He got the shelves and the basic cabinet built but it has no doors on it. The rest of the bathroom has been waiting for a paint job ever since, too. The weekend before last he did some work on it and the ladder that he was using has been in our bedroom ever since. I've only tripped on it twice now.

Poor old Harri was so traumatized by wild Lucy chasing her around last week that she has been hiding under our bed ever since, only venturing out a few times a day to eat, looking over her shoulder the entire time she is eating. We put a little litter box in the bedroom just for her and put some food and water out, which of course every other cat in the house had to go get a snack from. It was like a bonus for them, an unexpected treasure spot of food. We've been letting her stay in the bedroom with us at night so she has a few un-paranoid hours out of her day.

I was walking by the bed yesterday and see these paws sticking out from inside the folded up comforter on the end of the bed.

Buddy had crawled up inside the comforter for one of his many daily naps. He sleeps most of each afternoon, then comes out at feeding time, and then right back to a nap. So exhausted after the strenuous eating activity I guess.

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