Friday, March 18, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

After months and months and probably years of nagging Keith to go to bed already because he has to get up so early I've decided to just let him sleep wherever and whenever. Three nights ago he took his shower, laid down on top of the covers on the bed at about 8pm, and promptly fell asleep. Normally I would repeatedly shake him awake so he could go brush his teeth and take his pills and get under the covers but I just left him there. And he slept for 3 hours before he woke up, staggered into the bathroom to brush his teeth, and then back to bed to get under the covers.

Then the next night we were watching TV and he put his side of the reclining couch down to recline and promptly fell asleep. So, I just left him there and then about 3 hours later he woke up, staggered to the bathroom to brush his teeth and take his pills, then got in bed.

And again last night. He took his shower, laid down on the bed on top of the covers, and once again woke up about 3 hours later, only this time he was freezing cold because he had no shirt on and still needed to brush his teeth and take his pills.

But at least I didn't give myself a headache nagging at him.

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PussDaddy said...

Oh my gosh I do that too, lol. "Why don't you go to bed to sleep, wouldn't you be more comfortable in bed, not to mention I can then hear the TV?"