Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mr. Forgetful

Okay, about six weeks ago we got a new rug for the bathroom and two new towels to match. Our old rug was falling apart where the backing starts to peel off and every time you wash it little pieces of the rubber backing gets all over whatever else you are washing with the rug and makes a big old mess. So, we, and WE is the key word here, went over to Target and found the basic rugs and towels on sale so got a new rug and towels in a kind of goldenrod yellow color, a rug and towels that WE picked out after much discussion over the color.

Well, the other day we are taking our evening showers and I'm coming out of the bathroom with a new yellow towel wrapped around my head and Keith is going into the bathroom for his shower and he looks at the yellow towel on my head and says. 'oh, did you get some new towels?'

Me: blink blink. Um, yeah... WE got some new towels.

Here's the latest on the hoop jumping through regarding getting a railroad job. They send you a health questionnaire by email with a password to get onto the site to fill out your questionnaire and of course the password doesn't work so you have to create a new password and then fill out all these questions about do you have chest pains and medications you are taking and can you breathe and all sorts of stuff like that and then they review your questionnaire and call you if they have any questions. Well of course putting on a questionnaire that you have had cancer raises a huge red flag and Keith gets a phone call yesterday about his cancer and another email with a form to give to the doctor so that he can give them a brief diagnosis and history of the cancer along with a prognosis and whether or not having had cancer would interfere with a job with the railroad. So we dropped that off at the doctor's office yesterday and now have to wait to see if the doctor will please just go ahead and fill it out or if he'll want to have Keith come in and see him first. The woman that called from the health verification place kind of let it slip that his tentative start date with BNSF is March 7, which is what, not even 3 weeks away and Keith can't give notice at his job until everything is definite. Although they do tell you in all the paperwork that you could start your new job even if your background check isn't quite finished and they could still decide they don't want you after all and leave you without your new job or your old job.

So, a little more waiting here.

We were supposed to have had rain starting last night and a 90% chance today, but so far nothing. Absolutely nothing except a few dark clouds in the sky, so come on big storm, let's rain already.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Oh boy... that not remembering the new towels sounds soooooo familiar.

Anonymous said...

We were supposed to have big ugly weather yesterday too, but it was just a bunch of ugly clouds rolling through... but today! today we have rain. ;)