Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Hoops

Well, things are moving along on the getting a job with BNSF thing, but we are still waiting for something to go wrong and they'll decide not to hire Keith after all.

We got a phone call from the doctor's office this morning that they faxed over the statement about the cancer thing last night, so I called the health verification place and left them a message to let us know if they didn't get it. They called back and they got it, so one hurdle jumped over.

Then we get a phone call from the background verification people that Keith needs to call them back so I'm trying to get him on the phone and he's working and he can't hear his phone and I'm thinking oh no it's about the discrepancy in the employment history dates, but he finally answers his phone, calls them back, and it was that his driver's license number was written down wrong.


He goes for his physical on Monday afternoon. FedEx dropped off a big package of paperwork for the physical along with a huge specimen cup that he needs to take along with him. Then he goes for his strength and hearing test on Tuesday morning. I hope he passes the hearing test because sometimes I wonder. He has that selective hearing thing that most men have when their wives are talking to them. All they hear is blahblahblahblah and then they say 'what' and you have to repeat yourself and they still just hear blahblahblah.

He had to fess up to his boss about why he can't come to work on Tuesday but his boss is being really cool about it and as he says he can't fault a guy for trying to move up in the world.

So...we'll see.

I think I'm stressing about it because I had the most bizarre and disgusting dream last night about weird growths on my stomach and I won't go into it because it's grossing me out and I woke up checking my stomach for disgusting things growing on it this morning.

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