Monday, February 14, 2011

Nice Weekend

We had a really pleasant weekend weather wise, with temps getting up into the 70's and some sunshine. It didn't last long, though, it's getting cloudy and windy today with rain maybe later in the week. But it was nice to actually open a few windows in the house and I made Keith go for a bike ride with me on Saturday. We rode up and had pizza for lunch so it kind of counteracted the bike ride thing, but oh well.

I got some good sales in the supply shop over the weekend and have a bunch of new charms to paint for the shop. I did a few batches of charms yesterday, now just have to take pictures of them all and list them. I'm glad I decided to get back into supply selling because the jewelry side of things is still pretty slow and certainly isn't getting the bills paid right now.

I watched part of the stupid grammies or whatever this week's give me another award show was last night. I missed Lady Gaga coming out of the egg, so sad I missed that let me tell you. I do like some of her songs and am impressed by her talent but come on already, quit being so very weird. I guess my senior citizen status is showing because half of the people up for awards were people I've never heard of and the last band that played with all the screaming and flashing lights just really annoyed me. I was wondering how many epileptics in the viewing audience were going into seizures from those lights. And how many people did like me and put the mute button on the volume. Ugh.

And mean old me was glad that Justin Bieber DID NOT get the best new artist award, and again, I'd never heard of the girl that did win. I'm just about sick of Justin Bieber and can't wait until his voice changes and his career is over. We'll be seeing him on Celebrity Boxing or something in about 30 years.

And I do like that Lady Antebellum song but enough already with the awards for it.

And poor old Bob Dylan. That was pretty awful. But Mick Jagger can certainly still rock it, can't he? Speaking of senior citizens. I was wondering if he has to dye his roots black every day because his hair MUST be gray by now, he's what, about 70?

Oh, I almost forgot. Keith got a conditional offer from BNSF on Friday but he still thinks he won't pass all the background checks and whatever else it is they do. In the offer they tell you NOT to resign your job because it's not definite until they do all kinds of medical tests and strength tests and investigate you and he put the wrong dates for one of his jobs and they are so picky that he is pretty sure they will find out and not hire him after all. So he is all worried and making himself sick worrying about it. All we can do is wait and hope that they will overlook it because he is probably one of the most qualified candidates they have for the position. We'll see in 6-8 weeks. It takes that long for them to decide.

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Anonymous said...

Tell that man to think positive already! It's the power of attraction... think good things, and those things come to you. think bad things, and those things come to you...

Comon' Keith!! They picked you out of a crowd buddy, you can do this!! :D