Monday, February 21, 2011

Cell Phone Shopping

Another weekend quickly went by, with errand running on Saturday morning and a few hours spent buying a cell phone. Not for me, I hate cell phones and phones in general and try to avoid talking on them and nobody calls me but Keith anyway. Which is fine with me. I like email, which I guess is sort of like texting, where you can read at your leisure and respond at your leisure or if you don't want to respond at all, you can just pretend you never got the email.

Anyway, Keith wanted to get himself a cell phone for his new job (if he gets it, that is) because he would really need a cell phone for his new job (if he gets it) and since the cell phone he has now belongs to his work and he'll have to give it back when he quits he kind of did really need to get a cell phone. I wanted him to wait until he has the job for sure, but he wanted to get it and have the phone number to put on any paperwork for the new job. So...

After our errand running in the car on Saturday we decided to walk over to the AT&T store by Target since we are already on AT&T for our home phone and internet, thinking that we could get a bundled plan where the cell phone bill would come on the home phone bill making things easier all around. Well, since we were walking I decided not to carry my wallet with us because it is big and doesn't fit in my pocket and I didn't think I would need it anyway. So, we sit down with the cell phone store guy and go over plans and pick out a phone and we go to add the account to our home phone account and guess what I need my driver's license which is in my wallet. At home. Well, they don't have the cell phone that we want in the store anyway and have to go to the other AT&T store across town to pick one up, so we say we will walk back home, get the wallet, and come back in about 30 minutes.

We come back and the cell phone store guy we were working with is on his way to the other cell phone store and so the manager sits down with us to do all the paperwork which takes a long time, and the guy driving to the other store calls and says he is stuck in traffic and will be a while, so we go over and browse around in World Market while we are waiting for our cell phone to arrive. Browse around among all the delicious snack stuff and sweet stuff that they sell in World Market and I am hungry because we haven't had lunch yet and didn't think we'd be sitting in the cell phone store for so long or walking back and forth for so long, so of course I really want some cookies or something. Anything. I do find some sweet and spicy BBQ almonds that sound really good and we buy them and they are really good, but a cookie would have been really good, too.

Then back to the cell phone store where it takes another 20 minutes or so to finish up and pay for the phone because the sales people have to try and sell you on upgrading your internet speed and buying insurance for your phone and getting cable TV, but just the basic channels and why we would pay for the basic channels when we can watch them for free I don't know.

So, about 2 hours after we start we finally are done and can leave the cell phone store with a new phone and an old phone bill that will go up by about $50.00 a month.

So, after all that, he'd better get that job!

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PussDaddy said...

I so wish they had not closed our Old World Market.