Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cranky Enough?

Keith is going to be one of those very very cranky old men, shaking his cane at all the young whippersnappers who walk across his lawn. Every time a commercial comes on for cell phones that can do everything but cook your dinner he goes into his tirade about how he just wants a phone, he doesn't want internet, doesn't want to take pictures, and why do you need to text instead of just picking up the phone and calling somebody? Every time. I keep trying to explain to him that if he were 25, he'd be texting away because it's for the young people, Keith, and you are just too old to get it.

We went over to Target last night to get him a new dress shirt to wear to his interview since the dress shirt that he pulled out of the closet has what looks like grease stains all over the front of it. We found one on the 50% off rack, so that was a win, there. He also got some new underwear, so he's all set. His motel reservation is confirmed and he's got gas and food money in his wallet, and I'm kind of looking forward to a night off from cooking dinner and an evening without somebody complaining about cell phones.

My January turned out to be pretty good for sales, so maybe this year will continue to look up for us. I had 8 packages to go out yesterday from weekend sales and so far have 3 to go out today, so, not too shabby. I just have to refrain from buying any more stock for my supply shop this month if possible. After subtracting for fees and supplies the January profit (but at least it was a profit) was kind of slim.

Buddy made an escape out the front door last night. We were on our way to Target and Keith went back inside to get something and didn't shut the door, and there goes Buddy out the door, but it was dark outside and Buddy doesn't know what dark is so he got scared and went back inside very quickly. Good thing because I didn't feel like chasing him around in the dark.

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Anonymous said...

this month has been pretty good for me too, it's nice isn't it? :)

enjoy your night off and Good Luck Keith!!