Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Luck

Well, Keith made it up to Fresno and slept in a noisy motel room just a few blocks from the railroad tracks (complete with trains at all hours of the night), but he was up at 6 ready to go find some breakfast and get psyched up for tests and hopefully an interview. He called but I was sound asleep and didn't hear the phone ring, then when I saw the message light blinking on the phone, picked it up to call him back and as soon as I picked it up it rang with him on the line.

So, we'll see how it goes today.

Everything else is the usual yawn fest around here. I let the cats come in the bedroom last night to keep me company and they were really good until Lucy started nibbling on my hair early this morning, trying to wake me up to FEED ME ALREADY!

Not sure what is on my agenda for today, I do need to run a few errands on the bike and would like to start taking longer bike rides for that exercise thing and all but it's still kind of chilly here and it's hard to get myself motivated when I'm cold. In a few months I can use the excuse of being too hot.

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