Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Witness for the Prosecution

So, yesterday morning I find an envelope stuck in the front door screen and see that it's from Edward R Jagels District Attorney with a big red stamp on it that says IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS INSIDE TELEPHONE DISTRICT ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY and I'm thinking oh crap I'm going to be arrested for not showing up for Jury Duty even though I sent them a letter saying that I was self employed which around here is a valid excuse and maybe they didn't get the letter and OH NO!

But, no, I'm not being arrested. it's a subpoena for appearance of witness. The whole neighbor's house being robbed thing. Well, CRAP! I have to be at Juvenile Court on Friday morning at 8:30 because this little sh*t, although caught red handed and his juvenile accomplice pled guilty wants to go to trial. I have a feeling that it's the kid that I didn't see but for a second, not the one that came to my door so what kind of witness I'll be remains to be seen. Keith was going to have to take the day off to drive me down there but our neighbor Jolene, whose house was robbed also has to go be a witness so I can ride down with her. And then sit there all day, probably.

So, for the rest of the day yesterday I felt kind of sick to my stomach and couldn't concentrate on anything. I didn't sleep well last night either. Things like this stress me out and all I do is worry about it and think about it and go over and over things in my head and what I'm going to say and what if they give this kid the usual slap on the wrist and don't do it again and he knows where I live and when they let him go he decides he wants revenge on all the horrible people that don't understand that he's just a poor downtrodden kid and the way he was raised forced him to become a criminal and nothing is his fault, it's society that made him this way.

From what Jolene said, all three of them have past records, how she knows that I'm not sure since juvenile records aren't supposed to be public knowledge, but they did seem to be professionals, not just some kids who fell in with the wrong crowd or whatever. They robbed not one, not two, but five houses that day. Busy little beavers, weren't they?

What's weird is that they don't call a juvenile trial a trial but rather a contested jurisdictional hearing. No jury, just a judge who will decide if guilt is proven or not.

So, it should be interesting and a huge waste of time.

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PussDaddy said...

That's odd, usually they hand it over in person. That is what happened to me. Someone knocked on the door, I answered, he asked me my name, I say yeah that's me, he says here, then walks off, and I take it and find out it is a subpoena. If they don't hand it to you it seems like you could just say you never got it.