Friday, January 7, 2011

Not Sitting Around in Court After All

Yay. Somebody's lawyer talked some sense into the senseless and it looks like little mister robber boy will be taking a plea deal instead of wasting everyone's time and money on a trial today. Jolene, whose house was robbed, got a phone call Wednesday morning from the district attorney telling her to go ahead and go to work today and be on call instead of having to sit at the courthouse all day because it looked like a trial wouldn't be needed after all. Nobody called me so I had to leave a message with the DA to let me know if I also didn't have to go down and sit there all day and yesterday morning they called me back and said I'd be on call, too, but it looked like I wouldn't be needing to go down there. The kid confessed to a couple of the robberies that day and they found his fingerprints at one of the houses, so the evidence against him was rather convincing and his lawyer was trying to get it through his stupid head that going with a plea deal would probably be much better for him and a lesser sentence than having a judge come down on him hard. At least that's the scenario that was playing inside my head, having watched way too many cop shows over the years.

I'm a lot less stressed out this morning and slept better last night than I have in a few days. My stomach is also feeling better, having been upset ever since I got the subpoena. Funny how your stomach is the first place stress goes sometimes.

What else is going on these days? Not much really, it's been chilly for these parts this week, down into the 40's during the day which for us is absolutely frigid, and of course we've had the usual valley fog where you can't see 10 feet in front of you. We haven't had the usual 50 car pileup on the interstate yet, but that happens at least once every winter because people just don't seem to get it that when you can't see 10 feet in front of you, you really should SLOW DOWN! Instead I think they just drive faster hoping that they will outrun the fog or something.

Here's something that I find annoying every January. A certain bankruptcy lawyer here in town has this same commercial that runs every year. 'Honey, what are we going to do? All the bills for all the gifts we bought for Christmas are coming in now and I don't know how we are going to pay for them!' Well, come down and see us, the bankruptcy lawyers, and we'll make your reckless spending bills magically go away by filing bankruptcy!! Yay!

Oh, and I got a big HUGE settlement check yesterday from a class action lawsuit filed against Walmart for faking timecards or not letting people take a lunch or something like that, it's been so long since I first got notification of the lawsuit that I can't remember what it was all about, but anyway, I got my HUGE settlement of FIFTY DOLLARS AND THIRTY FIVE CENTS! WOW!

But, like I told Keith when we went to the bank to cash it, it's $50.35 more than I had before I went and got the mail. I have to pay taxes on it, though, so after taxes, more like $20.35, but still.

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PussDaddy said...

I got subpoenaed and had to go to court once because I watched my neighbor's ex beat her door down to get in hitting their kid with the door in the process through the peephole in my apartment door. He did not live there, they were getting a divorce. Anywho I had to go to court, but he went in and pled guilty so I never had to enter the courtroom. Big waste of time, and in all honesty I couldn't stand the woman. That will teach me to look out peephole when I hear loud voices.

If you want cold we have 8 inches of snow and it is about 4 degrees outside.

I have gotten in on a few class action lawsuits too. You never get much money, the most I got was about $35, maybe $50. One was for being overcharged fees on a loan, and one was suing Milli Vanilli for lip synching but I donated the $2 I won to an AIDS program. I got in on a couple more too but don't remember what. I am like you-I do it because evidently I am elligible to be a member of the class action lawsuit and hey, it's extra money.