Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Make that Bathroom Sparkle!

Sunday night we went across the street to Nathan and Adrienne's house for some pork chops for dinner. It's kind of strange after living across the street from each other for so many years to start doing dinner invites and all, but hey, it meant that I didn't have to cook. We didn't stay that long because I really didn't want to wear out my welcome and didn't want to have to use the bathroom again.

They have a young girl roommate who works at Supercuts, a really pretty girl who looks sweet and clean, but I used her bathroom and am still shuddering at how nasty and disgusting it was. Nathan warned me not to be scared and why he didn't direct me to their bathroom I don't know, but to walk into someone's bathroom and wonder if they have ever ever cleaned it was just disgusting. I'm talking boys in a frat house disgusting.

So, yesterday I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed our bathroom. Now, ours doesn't get anywhere as nasty as that bathroom was but I am kind of lazy sometimes and will put off cleaning for a few days longer than I really should. Not anymore! I'll probably be scrubbing every day for a while so that I can get that nasty bathroom out of my mind.

Keith left his pants laying on the floor by his dresser, why he didn't just put them in his drawer I don't know, but once again, cats and pants.

The pants were laying kind of uneven so Mimi was sleeping with her head downhill.

Those are Keith's stained working around the house pants by the way, not sure what that big black stuff on them is. They are still in the same spot today, just waiting for a cat I guess.

After all of our big storms and rain and snow on the mountains and news shots of cars being turned around at Grapevine because the interstate was closed, the weather has calmed down this week and we have sunny skies and clean air. I got on the bike yesterday to run my errands and it was rather pleasant although a little chilly. I've been searching for some new pop up kitty cubes for the kids, they only had one left that had huge rips in it and they do love playing in their kitty cubes. I haven't been able to find them at the usual places like walmart so I looked online and found some on walgreens.com and cvs.com. Instead of ordering online and paying shipping fees I figured I'd just go over to walgreens and cvs and see if they had them in the store. CVS didn't, but walgreens did so I bought 3 of them which is all they had. Now the spoiled cats have new kitty cubes to tear up.

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