Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nothing Much

I guess I haven't had much to blog about this week because it's business as usual around here with nothing more than the ordinary going on.

I am anxiously awaiting some glass and copper tape coming in the mail so I can make some more pendants in tiny scrabble tile size. I got an order of brass stampings in the mail so today I'll be painting some of those. I did have a productive day yesterday with actually cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming all the floors and even doing some dusting.

I let Keith buy a new bandsaw. I don't know what a bandsaw is really, or why he needs another saw, but he is expecting a year end bonus check today at work and the bandsaws were on sale, so we went to Home Depot after he got home from work last night and got his bandsaw. He doesn't ask for much and never spends any money on himself, so I told him Happy Very Early Birthday and if you get a new bandsaw please finish all the unfinished projects in the house.

The bonus checks at work are a strange power trip kind of thing, rumors go around that the checks are there but they aren't given out until the boss has a meeting and can pat himself on the back while handing out bonus checks like they are coming straight out of his own pocket. We know that the bonus checks have been in his office since payday because the amount of the check shows up on the paper that comes with the paycheck that breaks down all the hours worked and deductions and there was a listing for a bonus of $364.00- a dollar a day for a year with no accidents minus a day there for some reason, but no bonus check yet. So, after taxes, we are figuring that his check will be oh, about $100.00 or so. But at least it's a bonus check!

He had left his work shirt laying on the breakfast bar counter last night and within about 5 minutes, here is Lucy all stretched out on his shirt for a nap. Then after she was done, along came Mimi to lay on his shirt. And then later, here is Buddy on the shirt. I still don't get what is up with cats having to lay on your clothes. Just to annoy you?

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