Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Day So Far

I woke up late this morning, like 8:15 and felt like more of a lazy ass than usual, got my coffee and checked my email and got an order for 10 necklaces! $114.00 total! Yay!

So, I went over to Target to get a box to ship them all in and spent part of the money on the box and the usual cat food and some dental floss and then transferred part of it to our saving account because we are on a mission to save save save this year, and my goal is to transfer my paypal money to my savings before I am tempted to spend it on something else but I really did need the dental floss and the cats really did need the cat food. We don't want them to start nibbling on us while we are sleeping or anything because we neglected to buy them FOOD!

Then, when I got home from Target there was a recorded message from BNSF railroad for Keith to check his email for info on a job he applied for. Just like the last job he applied for he has to go to a meeting thing and take a bunch of test and all that, but this time he has to go up to Fresno for the testing. It's for a mechanic position, so we'll see how that goes. I think I might suggest to him to drive up the night before and get a motel room so that he doesn't have to drive all the way up there at 5 in the morning in heavy heavy fog. I tried to call him at work and then hear a phone ringing on the counter where he left his work phone. Oops. He's been staying up way too late this week messing around in the garage with his new saw and only getting like 5 hours of sleep a night and listening to me nag him about how he needs to go to bed already. So he's a little foggy and forgetful first thing in the morning.

Last night he goes to bed at like 10:30 and then comes running out into the living room stark naked, runs into the garage, grabs a notebook, runs around looking for a pencil, all the while with his bare butt hanging out and me staring at him like he's gone completely crazy, and then starts writing up plans for some tool that he's got an inspiration for, some tool that nobody makes yet and will make him a billionaire if he can just figure out the plans for it. Or something like that. No wonder he forgot his phone, all that naked running around late at night, and not enough sleep. And plans to be a billionaire on his mind.

Anyway, a good day so far.

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