Monday, January 24, 2011

Not So Exciting Road Trip

After so many rather dull weekends I convinced Keith that we should take a drive on Saturday afternoon. He had told me about the town of Lemoore, where he had gone to fix a rail car and how it looked like a nice little town. So we decided to drive on up there. He kind of wanted to go to Tehachapi, but we've been there many times and I kind of wanted to see something new. We probably should have just gone to Tehachapi, though. Much shorter drive and we might have gotten up above the fog.

We drove up Highway 43 which goes through Shafter and Wasco, where he works, and then it got all foggy so I wasn't real sure where we were. We passed by some kind of wildlife preserve where there was lots of water from the recent rains and hundreds and hundreds of ducks. We stopped by the side of the road and all the ducks, every single one of them, started swimming away from us. They're used to the traffic going by but not to cars stopping, I guess. Unless they thought we were duck hunters or something.

You can't really see the ducks in this picture, but trust me, there were hundreds of them.

See, it's foggy.

We saw fields with sheep and half grown lambs in them, saw egrets in the wetlands, and saw a man fishing in a canal by the side of the road.

We also saw Corcoran State Prison and drove through the little town of Corcoran which looked like a nice town. We assumed that if you didn't work in agriculture, you worked at the prison.

Central California is pretty flat and farmy, it was kind of nice to see (when the fog lifted) so many fields and farms and dairies. Lots and lots of dairies with lots and lots of cows. We even saw a goat dairy farm. With lots and lots of goats.

Then we got to Lemoore, which has a cool sign welcoming you to downtown.

Then we headed down the 99 and back home. Still foggy.

This is what it looks like outside here in Bakersfield today.

Foggy. When it's this bad, they have fog delays of a couple of hours before school starts in the morning. It's dangerous enough to have your kids walk to school on a normal day with the way people drive around here, can you imagine how many kids would get run over on a fog day because people can't see them?

Then yesterday we watched football. I cut up some carrots and made some dip so that we would have a healthy football watching snack, but Keith made himself sick by eating chips with the dip, peanuts, some frozen taquitos, and a bunch of other junk. Literally sick to his stomach. Kind of like a little kid at the fair who eats too much cotton candy and popcorn and then wants to ride on the tilt-a-whirl.

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well good for you for making carrots and dip! ;)