Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random Thoughts and a Ho Ho Ho

Who you callin' a Ho?

Why in the world did I wake up this morning with a huge pimple on my face? I am 55 years old and don't you think I should have outgrown getting huge pimples on my face by now? And isn't the word pimple absolutely disgusting all by itself? Not to mention the word zit. We need to find a better word for pimples and zits. How about angel kisses or big red roses? I woke up to a huge angel kiss on my face sounds much much better.


More wormage to report. Yesterday Buddy was sitting oh so casually in the middle of the living room with another big wriggly worm in front of him. Who me? I don't see any worm in the middle of your carpet. Disregard, please, and keep moving along.

I just heard on the radio that the governor has declared a state of emergency because of all the flooding and all. The road to Lake Isabella will be closed for like 10 days because of huge, and I mean HUGE LIKE THE SIZE OF A WINNEBAGO boulder that fell on the road. Not that it's much of a road anyway, the part that follows the river through the narrowest part of the canyon is really scary and only two very very narrow lanes and having big boulders (the size of winnebagos) perched on the mountainsides just waiting to fall on you doesn't make you feel any safer when driving on that road.

It never rains in California, but when it does, better watch out! The neighborhood where kids were kayaking in the street is still flooded. It's kind of weird, it's a really upscale gated neighborhood where you'd think they would have planned the expensive streets a little better for drainage. Apparently some of the streets have like 5 feet of water in them.

We were talking about trying to make some sort of holiday tradition for the two of us other than sitting around on Christmas being bored. It's just not so much fun when you don't have kids to get all excited about opening presents and you don't have the money to do something like go to Hawaii for Christmas. I think we are going to go to IHOP (open all day and all night on Christmas and every other day) for Christmas breakfast even though I can't have any pancakes.
I was suggesting that we start doing stockings for each other with little practical gifts like underwear or socks in the stockings, something a little more festive than not doing gifts at all. Because we usually can't afford to do gifts for each other. So, maybe next year we will start a stocking tradition.

I would do some holiday baking or candy making but we can't eat sweets or carbs, gingerbread men for us!

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