Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ack and Another Rainy Rainy Day

Yesterday I was walking out into the living room and see Buddy, Mimi, and Pepper all congregated in the corner looking at something behind the air cleaner machine that we have sitting there blowing out what is supposed to be clean air. Mimi is sitting on top of it with clean air blowing up her behind. I go to see what they are so interested in and see something on the wall that looks like the biggest moth in the world and it moves and then I'm thinking that it's a big wet leaf that is being blown up the wall by the air from the air machine, and I can't really tell what it is because it's early and it's still dark outside, so I turn on the lamp and it's a FROG!

And you may remember that frogs really really creep me out especially when one IS IN MY HOUSE ON THE WALL!!

It's not a huge frog, but big enough to make me shudder, and I grab three layers of paper towels and kind of scoop the frog up into the paper towels, run outside and shake the paper towels out into the flower bed but I can't really see what I'm doing because it's DARK outside and I inspect the paper towels to make sure there is no frog in them anymore before I go toss them in the trash.

I come back in and Buddy, Mimi, and Pepper are still milling about looking for their new toy and where did it go?


Then later I'm sitting at the computer and hear a noise in the living room and am thinking about going to see what the cats are into now, and all of a sudden there are hands on my shoulders and I jump about a foot out of my chair and it's Keith who is home from work at 8 am. Home from work because it's raining and they sent everybody home because it's hard to do your work when you work outside and it's raining and the work yard is flooded and the street in front of the work yard is flooded. Unfortunately he has no more vacation time so his next paycheck will be short and he really didn't want to get sent home so early, but anyway.

So later we see Buddy digging at the corner of the carpet by the kitchen floor and what the heck is he doing? I pull up the corner of the carpet and there is a huge fat wriggly WORM under the carpet. Worms creep me out almost as much as frogs especially when there is one IN MY HOUSE! Since Keith was home he got to be the one to get the wad of paper towels to scoop up the worm and get rid of it.

Where are worms and frogs coming from? Inside the garage where they squeeze under the garage door and Buddy goes out and finds them and brings them in the house. He came in a while later with a fresh worm hanging out of his mouth and then dropped it into Keith's shoe.


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Jennifer said...

At least he is not bringing you mice and gophers like ours does. He will leave them at the front door he likes to eat them now. Its gross!!