Friday, December 24, 2010

Baa Baa Baa

Actually it's more like a maa maa maa.

A few weeks ago we were headed up the road to the post office. About a mile from the house there are fields and orchards and in the field we see hundreds of sheep grazing. Hundreds, all eating the grass or whatever was growing there (alfalfa?) and in among the hundreds of sheep are bouncy little lambs bouncing around. We stopped to watch them for a few minutes but didn't have a camera to get some pictures. Then in a few days all the sheep were gone, having laid bare all the huge fields that they were grazing upon.

Then this week we took a different route to the post office just to liven things up I guess, and there they were, grazing in a brand new grassy field. So, yesterday I remembered to grab the camera before we left for the post office.

All these little guys were playing right by the road kind of running around this big concrete whatever it is, like hide and seek or something.

This one had an itch to scratch.

It was lunchtime for this little baby.

This one looked at me.

And then went maa maa maaing off to look for its mother.