Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well, I woke up at 6am this morning, not really wanting to get up that early but I just couldn't sleep anymore. Santa forgot our house, though, no surprises under our tiny tree festooned with cat toys. Just the usual cat poop to scoop and a coffee pot to turn on.

We walked over to IHOP for breakfast, feeling like we were walking through a post apocolyptic world what with no traffic and no cars in the shopping center parking lot. I tried a crepe for the first time, and it was pretty darn tasty. They have a combo where you can get eggs and bacon and a crepe of your choice so I tried the strawberry banana one, probably not low carb but what the heck, it's Christmas, right? Anyway, if you go to IHOP I highly recommend the crepes. And I really like the never ending coffee pot they bring to your table, too.

Last night we wanted to go out for Christmas Eve dinner and were trying to decide where to go, kind of wanting something a little different than Coco's again, so we thought we'd give Red Lobster a try. We went there once when we first moved here and haven't been there since and after seeing the prices we remembered why we hadn't been back. I ordered the maple glazed salmon and shrimp, didn't care for the shrimp so I gave those to Keith, told them to leave the rice pilaf off the plate, so I ended up paying $17.50 for a small piece of fish and a dinner salad. It was a good piece of fish, but...$17.50 for it was definitely not worth it. I guess I'm not that much of a seafood kind of person, I tried a bite of Keith's crab legs which seem like a whole lot of work for the tiny pieces of crab that were coming out of the legs, and after tasting a piece I don't like crab legs. We probably should have just gone to Coco's.

Today we are going to just hang around the quiet house and we'll have not so traditional enchiladas for dinner. We're also having 'fried' ice cream, I got no sugar added vanilla bean ice cream and scooped up balls of ice cream and then rolled the ice cream balls in crushed corn flakes with cinnamon. Apparently you can actually fry the ice cream balls for a few seconds but that sounds like way too much work, so we'll have mock fried ice cream for dessert. With chocolate sauce.

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