Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coffee and Urgent Care

Sunday morning I staggered into the kitchen to turn the coffee pot on.

Nothing happened.

So I turned it off and turned it back on again.

Nothing happened.

Thinking that the third time might be a charm, I turned it off and back on again.

Still nothing.

No elixir of the Gods, no steaming brown fragrant wake me up liquid, no caffeine. No caffeine!?!


So, I put on my clothes and drive over to 7-11 to get some coffee.

We were going to be traveling down to Ventura for the day for our holiday festivities so we didn't immediately run over to Target to get a new coffee pot, thinking that we would do that on our way home from Ventura. Well, we didn't get home until like 8:30 or so and Keith was exhausted and didn't want to go buy a coffee pot and I was exhausted and can't see to drive in the dark, so he says I can just walk or bike over to 7-11 in the morning for my coffee fix and we'll get a coffee pot when he gets home from work.


I made tea when I woke up on Monday morning, but although I love tea, IT DOESN'T WORK FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! So, at 8am when Target opened I was there buying a coffee pot. But how to get it home? It wouldn't fit in the market bag that I brought along but Target has this wonderful invention, a plastic handle that they can tape on bulky boxes so that you can carry it home like a purse. It was awesome, and I made a pot of coffee as soon as I got back home.

And it was good.

Now the urgent care part of it.

For a long long long time I've had this weird hard lump on my leg way up at the top that I figured was a blocked pore or cyst or something like that. It didn't hurt and I didn't worry about it too much, but Friday it started to hurt so I was trying to put hot compresses on it to get it to drain or whatever. Hot compresses are hard to put on your leg when the lump is basically in your groin and you can't really sit and put a compress on it and don't really want to stand around holding a hot compress in what is basically your groin, so...

It started hurting even more and getting all red around it and of course it's a holiday weekend. I thought about riding the bike over to the urgent care that is just down the road from us yesterday but was hoping it would all work itself out and drain or disappear or whatever, but by the time Keith got home from work it was really getting nasty looking, so after dinner, off to urgent care we went.

Turns out it was a ganglion cyst, nasty nasty, and they dug it all out and packed it with what looks like a big thick string that I have to go back and have removed tomorrow. The string hangs out of the wound- GROSS! I've also got some antibiotic pills to take and gauze to put over the nastiness. They numbed it up with lidocain which BURNS when they inject that in there. I made Keith come into the room with me for hand-holding support and he watched the 'surgery' and got a little grossed out by what came out of my leg.

So, he tells me to take it easy for the next couple of days, no walking or bike riding anywhere and I'm hoping that taking it easy means that he will cook dinner tonight.

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Jennifer said...

I had one of those a few years ago and it was on my butt and I couldn't sit down for a week!! It sucked!!