Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Some Christmas On

We haven't had a tree in quite a few years, not wanting to spend big $$$ on a tree being the first concern, numerous cats who think a tree is a new cat condo being the second concern. Well, I wanted to have things feel a little holidayish around here so yesterday got a tiny tree from Michael's for $3.50 and then went to Petco and spent $20.00 on some cat toys to decorate the tree with.

Maybe I should have just looked under the stove for tree decorations since that is where all of the cat toys usually end up, and I could have saved that $20.00.

Anyway, I had been doing some other shopping yesterday and had bags all over the table, bags that I had brought in in shifts, riding the bike to one store, bringing the stuff home in my little bike basket, then riding to another store. Which sounds more involved than it is, all of the stores being in the same huge shopping center right around the corner from the house.

I went into the Ross store thinking that they might have some cute inexpensive gifts and walked right back out after I saw this line of people waiting for the registers that looked like a line at an amusement park, snaking in and out of this roped off area and then down an aisle. No, thanks, even if it's free I'm not waiting in that line.

But, I digress. Bags were on the table and I put the bag of cat toys on the table and of course Buddy's bionic ear heard the very slight jingle of cat toys in the bag.

Lucy is guarding the $3.50 tree.

And now knocking the $3.50 tree onto the floor.

Decorating the tree with festive toy mice and Lucy's help.

And Buddy's help.

Then after the fun with the tree, Buddy discovered the cat stocking hanging on the cupboard.

Speaking of cats, the other day Keith went to Target to get some cat food and he's waiting in line with cat food and a woman behind him is asking him if he is going to be buying Christmas presents for his cats and he looks at her and says no, I don't have any cats, I have six starving kids and the cat food is for them.

Woman: blink. blink. shocked and confused look on her face.
Cashier: blink. blink. shocked and confused look on her face.
Keith: I'm joking, I'm joking!

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PussDaddy said...

I can't believe how much that cat looks like Puss. I have a little 4 ft tree I got at Walgreens for $9.99 one year that we set up and sit on a table in years we don't feel like decorating the big on. We sit it on a table by the window and from outside it looks like a big one anyway.