Monday, December 13, 2010

Argghhh and a Crime Stoppers Update

So, as we all know because I whine about it so much, I can't eat carbs anymore, not to mention anything with sugar in it, meaning anything that tastes good. I did eat a few forbidden foods last week when we went to McDonalds, but after that, right back on the no carb express train I went. And do you know how hard it is to be on a no carb diet during the holiday season? The holiday season when every store you walk into has displays of chocolates and cookies and fudge and fruitcake, and let me tell you at this point I would even eat that fruitcake AND LIKE IT!

Well, it's hard. And sugar free jello just doesn't quite solve that chocolate or ice cream craving not to mention that jello is really kind of disgusting and gag inducing.

Last Friday I walked into the Foods Co to get some romaine hearts and turkey burger patties and the low carb yogurt that only Foods Co carries, and have I mentioned that I really don't like going into Foods Co because it always looks dirty and smells like armpits, but anyway, I walk into Foods Co and RIGHT INSIDE THE DOOR is a display of red velvet cakes. How can you do this to me Foods Co? If you've never had red velvet cake, GO GET SOME but get it from Coco's restaurant because while it LOOKED absolutely delicious, grocery store cakes just aren't all that good. But I would have eaten that grocery store red velvet cake in a heartbeat.

And then yesterday morning I go to Winco, which is always clean and doesn't usually smell like armpits, and what do they have RIGHT INSIDE THE DOOR but a display of red velvet cakes.

One thing that is really an eye opener about only buying fresh vegetables, meats and cheeses, is that while walking around the store you really notice how much plain old junk people buy. Everything is packaged and processed and people's carts are full of potato chips, sodas, frozen chicken nuggets and french fries. No wonder our country is full of fat people. Plus we are bombarded with things like red velvet cake as soon as we walk in the grocery store door.

And on to Crime Watch. My neighbor Jolene whose house was robbed said that the detective called her and asked her if she was missing her class ring because one of the kids that they arrested in the other house robbery was wearing her ring. So, they've got them on her robbery even though I couldn't positively identify them. Apparently one of the kids was really remorseful and scared and fessed up to another house robbery that the police didn't even know about yet. And they are kids, two of them are juveniles so not much will happen to them, but maybe the experience of being surrounded by police, handcuffed and paraded in the street to be identified, taken to the station, fingerprinted and booked and questioned will make them think twice the next time they consider going around robbing people's houses. But, then again...

Oh, and I scared the crap out of some bible thumpers that came to the door on Saturday. I was in the front room and see two men walk up to the door so I slammed opened the window and told them that I don't open the door to strangers because of robberies in the neigborhood and I'd be taking their picture and they kind of stuttered out that they were just doing bible readings and I said NO THANK YOU! No offense to all you Christians out there but damn do I ever hate it when you come to my door wanting to save my soul!

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