Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain and Some More Rain

Okay, I know people that live in Minnesota or wherever think we Californians are a bunch of whiny babies when it comes to rain, but when you live in a desert, rain is front page news and all of the TV news stations are on STORM WATCH!!! We don't get that much rain here and this weekend we broke records for rainfall that had been standing since the 1930's here in Kern County. It rained a lot and is still raining.

So, we basically stayed inside all weekend, opening a window so we could actually hear the rain. The system is coming in from Hawaii so the temps are not so cold as with most rainstorms. Our local news showed kids kayaking in their flooded street yesterday.

We aren't having any problems yet in our neighborhood, but in mountain areas of California there is always threats of mudslides and flash floods and rivers overflowing, and this storm is supposed to last well into the week and then another one comes in next weekend.

After nobody really knowing what was going on and getting conflicting stories from people who should know what's going on, Keith found out that his work will indeed pay them for Christmas Eve as a holiday since normally they would get paid for Christmas if it fell on a weekday, so pretty much everyone is taking the Eve off and then they get another three day weekend for New Year's so that works out well. For his Christmas present I will let him relax and do whatever he wants instead of nagging him to get something done around here. I let him vegetate on the couch all day yesterday watching football.

I've been getting my holiday rush in my shops, so nice to actually wake up to some orders and have packages to take to the post office. This is what online selling is supposed to be about, not waking up to an empty inbox and no sales.

I woke up really really early this morning, at 4:30, and was so hungry that I couldn't get back to sleep, so just went ahead and got up and fed the cats and made the coffee. I'll probably crash and burn around 2pm, though.

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