Friday, November 5, 2010


The doctor's office called me yesterday about my blood work which surprised me how fast they got the results back, but anyway, I forget exactly what they said other than everything looked okay except my triglycerides are still too high so take fish oil pills twice a day (which I've already been doing for a few years now) and continue to cut carbs. The only good thing is that I don't have to actually go in for my appointment next week since it was just to go over the results and they gave them to me over the phone.

So....what to eat? Is my morning oatmeal (supposed to cut cholesterol) too many carbs? How about yogurt, that seems to have a lot of carbs listed on the label. Beans? They have a lot of carbs too but also fiber. Do I just eat chicken and lettuce? Maybe some cottage cheese in there ? I have to watch the sugars, too, so that eliminates a lot of lower carb things that have too much sugar, like fruit, so...

Besides no bread, pasta, rice or potatoes, what else am I not supposed to eat?

I was doing a little more research on a diet to lower triglycerides and while there isn't a whole lot of information I've found yet (will do more searching today) I did get the impression that sugar is the main culprit, not fat like you would think. So while I'm looking at one site that I found that just basically said to eat fish and vegetables, both kind of yuk as far as I'm concerned, there is this big huge ad right in the middle of all the text that I'm trying to read and this is what I see.

Is that rude or what to have this big ad for a big juicy hamburger on a big carb laden bun staring me in the face while I'm trying to research a low carb lowering your triglycerides diet? Yes, it's RUDE and CRUEL!


Bear was laying on our bed yesterday and along comes Mimi to snuggle up next to Bear's chubby cuddly body. They really like our blanket, it's so soft and cushy but you have to be careful because it's usually full of static. The other night I was throwing it off of me because it gets too hot and you could see all sorts of blue sparks flashing. I haven't taken any pictures of them lately since when cats get older they get kind of lazy and boring and all the pictures kind of look the same because they are just laying around, but...

Here are some new pictures of the girls.

And now it is once again time to go clean their cat box. Again.


PussDaddy said...

Hmmm. I drink a lot of coke, I wonder if this is my problem? I take fish oil too already.

I don't like fish, or chicken. So I don't know what to eat either.

Love the kitty pics.


PussDaddy said...

The doctor told my husband that if the fish after taste bothers him to put the pills in the freezer and take them frozen as this cuts down on the fish aftertaste and doesn't hurt the pill, just in case you have this problem.