Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's New on Artfire

I got creative and made gift tag sets, available ONLY on Artfire. These were fun to make and I'm anxiously awaiting a collage sheet order to come in the mail. I found a cool site that has retro type images from the fifties, which I LOVE and so I ordered 6 or 7 collage sheets to make Christmas tags with. I'm hoping they come in the mail today.

Anyway, here are some tags that I made.

Paris themed.

and more Paris.

And some Alice in Wonderland.

and more Alice.

I was going to include pictures but I already deleted the batch that had these pictures in, I get too confused with lots of picture batches in my folder so try to delete them after I'm done listing. Oh, well.

What else? I got an order of brass stampings in and have been painting and antiquing them so that I can list them in the supply shop on Etsy. I've come to the conclusion that Etsy is only good for selling supplies to other sellers these days, ha ha. So, I'm going to work that shop for all it's worth! I do like the fact that I can advertise these supplies as being made in the USA, too. That's unusual for anything to be made in the USA these days.

I went and got my blood work done yesterday morning so that I can go back to the doctor's next Friday and make sure that my new cholesterol meds aren't messing up my liver or anything like that. Also so that they can charge me for another office visit. We just got the bill for Keith's visit and do you know that it costs $20.00 for a rectal exam? The indignity of that and then you've got to pay for it, too!

I was cleaning the cat box last night and kind of wondered how much time I spend cleaning cat boxes so I figured about 2 minutes twice a day times 365 days is 1460 minutes a year which is how many hours? 24? If my calculator is working correctly since I have no math skills anymore and can barely remember how to add stuff let alone multiply and divide. So an entire day out of the year is spent cleaning cat boxes and I'm really glad it doesn't have to be done all in one day.

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