Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Monday Again

Last Friday it was 94 degrees here. Today it is supposed to be about 64 degrees. And we actually had some rain last night. Weird.

And how is the no carbs thing going you might ask? Or not. Well, I'm already tired of salad and yesterday was starving all day. I went over to Foods Co Saturday morning to pick up a few groceries. I can't stand Foods Co, it always smells like somebody's underarm in there and the store is a warehouse type store with no frills and a bare concrete floor and it always looks kind of dirty but they carry a low carb yogurt that doesn't taste too bad and I can't find low carb yogurt at any other store. Regular yogurt has tons of carbs in it not to mention lots of sugar even if you get the so-called light yogurt. Anyway, I was looking at the meats and found some turkey burger patties and got a package of those and yes, I could make my own turkey burger patties but I'm lazy like that so I got the pre-made ones. I cooked them on the George Foreman grill for 6 minutes and they actually taste pretty good. You don't have to cover them in ketchup like I do with a hamburger patty. The last package of low fat hamburger patties that I got are sitting in the freezer because they just don't taste all that great and are very chewy and tough. Yuk.

So, anyway after a day of a couple of eggs and a low carb yogurt for breakfast, a turkey burger patty, cottage cheese, a sliced tomato and a few nuts for lunch, I was really really really hungry and lazy so we got a thin crust pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner because they are only $10.00 for a large pizza and part of it could be Keith's lunch for today. Pizza Hut pizza isn't all that great so I only ate 2 slices and the crust was very thin so I'm thinking I did okay on the carbs there but I was at the point where I didn't care anymore.

The McRib is back, not that I've ever eaten one of those because they just look and sound so very disgusting. The commercial they've been playing for it on TV is even more disgusting, something about close up shots of people taking big bites of a McRib and ending up with sauce and breadcrumbs all over their faces makes me a little queasy.

We have to go to Keith's work's Christmas dinner again this year. He didn't want to go but he wants to ask for a raise since he's coming up on his 3 years of working there with no raise yet and if you don't go to the Christmas dinner you end up on the sh*t list and he doesn't want to be there because of the whole raise thing. So, we have to go to the dinner, which is basically one long meeting with awards and speeches and all that kind of stuff, but hey, it's free dinner even if all that I can eat is the meat and vegetables. Plus, they give out the bonus checks at the dinner, which is usually a couple hundred dollars or so. They have a $1000 bonus for your three year anniversary with the company but he missed the deadline on the hire date cutoff by 2 weeks so he has to wait another year for his 3 year bonus. Darn.

So, onward and upward and I'm starving so I'm going to go eat some cottage cheese or low carb yogurt or something.

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