Monday, October 4, 2010

Pink Bubble Wrap

Last week I went to walmart to get some bubble wrap and ended up buying pink bubble wrap. Pink bubble wrap because if you buy the pink bubble wrap, which cost 50c more than the clear bubble wrap, supposedly part of your purchase goes to 'the cause'. I'm really kind of embarrassed that I bought pink bubble wrap because I really hate all the buy my product in the pink wrapper and I'll donate some money to breast cancer research frenzy that goes on every October.

I really needed the bubble wrap, though.

I'd like to see a big company that donates part of their profits to cancer causes all year long instead of just during October.


It's finally cooling off around here. This morning there are actually some clouds in the sky and the wind is blowing, maybe it will blow all the nasty air away. Or just blow some nasty air in from somewhere else.

Keith was very lazy this weekend, which I get a little annoyed at but can't get too annoyed because he does work very hard all week, but there are so many unfinished projects around here that it's hard not to dwell on them, and please get something done already! He did get the lawn mowed and worked on the trees that are infested with worms that are eating up the trees, cutting off the infested branches and spraying the rest of the tree. Then he cut his little finger open while clipping the trees and of course we had no gauze or tape or bandages or anything here to tape up his finger so we had to go buy gauze and tape and bandages. It's not too bad but he did bleed like a stuck pig for a little while there. Then as he's cleaning his finger up we see one of the totally gross worms from the tree stuck on his t-shirt. Ack! Gross!

I just went over to Target to apply again. The last time I applied I got a nice little thanks but no thanks email. I got part way through the computer application and it froze up so I sat there for a while and then the computer goes to a screen that says 'are you still there, press enter to continue' so I pressed enter and it didn't do much of anything for a while and then went back to the beginning, so I tried to start over and nothing, nothing, nothing, and then finally I gave up. The other computer wasn't even working. Sigh. Tomorrow I'll go try walmart again. For the 3rd or 4th time. I feel like it's kind of futile since I am convinced that companies are now only hiring people who have been on welfare or unemployment because they get tax credits for it, but I really need to find a job soon.

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PussDaddy said...

I saw this bubble wrap at Walmart yesterday.