Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yay- a Sale on Artfire!

After a very discouraging day with no sales anywhere and since no sales no inspiration and even if I did get some inspiration no money to buy any supplies, I just got my 2nd sale on Artfire since reopening my shop there.

Funny, I had totally forgotten that I once had a geelizzie shop on Artfire, and only figured it out when they wouldn't let me open a new one under that name! I had tried Artfire a few times and thought I had closed out that account, but it was still open under the Basic free account. In fact, the last sale in the old shop was almost exactly a year from the first sale in the new shop.

Anyway, after a long day of no emails, I just checked my in box and whaddya know but an Artfire sale!

I went over to the forums on Artfire to see what's happening and was reminded that linking to your Artfire stuff is a good thing, so bear with me while I link.

and link some more.

I've been busy importing my Etsy listings over since if they sell on Artfire it doesn't cost me any sales fees. Today I brought over a wire wrapped and beaded domino pendant, another wire wrapped and beaded domino pendant, both with roses on them, an Irish Shamrock pendant necklace, a Lily of the Valley pendant with a faux patina, a set of Halloween pocket sized notebooks, and a silver plated big Octopus pendant.

And, speaking of Artfire, I've made a few collections there, lots of fun to make and very very easy. All of the sellers in your collection get an automatic notice that you've included them, too, which I think is really nice.

I made this one, called Winter Frost, last week when it was so hot here and I wanted to look at nice cool things. My first one was made when I was wanting something sweet I guess, cause it's all about chocolate. And coffee. Both of which I like. Very much.

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