Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Sheets

I didn't want to have to buy new sheets right this minute, what with the house payment having to be paid yesterday, and the big blood work bill that I had to pay, but I had no choice unless we wanted to sleep on the bare mattress or some towels strewn across the bed or whatever.

I knew our sheets were getting old, with some rather bare spots and a few little holes in them, but hey, they still worked and why buy something new if you can still use the old, right? Well. While I was sleeping the other night my foot went right through the sheet with a huge tearing ripping sound, which I ignored because I was trying to sleep, and then later another huge tearing ripping sound and when I finally woke up there was a 3 foot long rip across the sheet.

So, time for some new sheets.

We went to our favorite store Target to check prices and found jersey sheet sets for only $20.00. I had never seen jersey sheet sets, but basically they are just a big tee shirt for your bed. I was a little hesitant, thinking that sleeping on a giant tee shirt might be a little hot, but since summer is supposed to be over with and it's supposed to be cooling off now, for only $20.00, big tee shirt sheets were worth a try.

It's a little hard to smooth them out because tee shirts do tend to stick to each other, and I had to put tons of lotion on my feet so my nasty dry skin feet wouldn't snag the sheets, but other than that, they seem like they will be comfortable and we did sleep pretty well last night.

We almost got the sweatshirt gray set since if you are going to sleep on a big tee shirt, it might as well look like one, but then saw the aqua set and I do love the color aqua, so aqua it is.

They are kind of stretchy, too, so it makes getting your pillow into the pillow case a lot easier.

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PussDaddy said...

One year my Dad sent me a $20 gift card to Walmart and I bought sheets there. I got a nice buttery cream color and they are actually pretty good sheets.