Friday, October 29, 2010

Jail Break

I had to laugh yesterday morning when I saw that the dog across the street had broken out of his yard and then just sat there outside the fence not knowing what to do with his freedom.

He sat there for quite a while while the other dog just looked out from behind the fence. I went across the street to knock on the neighbor's door, a little hesitantly because who knew if this dog would bite me. Nobody answered the door, so back home I went, hoping that the dog wouldn't run off and get lost. He went as far as the house next door to us where all the cats are and then right back to sit by the gate again. Freedom is a scary thing I guess. The other dog never did venture outside the gate and the neighbor finally came home and fixed the loose boards.

I am so looking forward to the elections being over with next week, not because I care all that much about who gets elected, politicians are all just politicians after all, but because I am SO TIRED of all the election commercials and phone calls. Just once I'd like to see a commercial where they don't try to dig up dirt on their opponent and actually tell me what their qualifications are. But that will never happen.

We've been watching the World Series this week and it's actually been kind of fun so far. I like to see how many times the cameras can catch someone scratching their crotch, spitting, or swearing. Or picking their nose.

And that is about it for this week. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT I CAN'T STAND IT!!


Katie Jeans Jewelry said...

Thanks fr the comment on my blog. Yes I was having trouble posting pictures in the forum. I am ok if they are a product already on Artfire but not if of somehting else. LOL

Yes the bazaars are a lot of work but I love the people contact. Also onlines sales are not as strong right now.

PussDaddy said...

That was a really good picture though.