Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween?

It's just not as much fun when you are old and cranky and have to buy the candy instead of getting the candy, but...

This was fun!

This is our neighbor's dog Hope, playing the part of the ferocious bull being ridden by a cowboy. She didn't seem to mind looking silly, and it was funny seeing her running around with a cowboy flopping around on her back.

We got really cheap this year and bought a bunch of the yucky bulk candy from Winco, it was on special for 98c a pound and we filled up a big bag for about $3.50. I had a bunch of Halloween mini gift bags and boxes that didn't sell so I put the crappy candy in the bags and boxes. You know, the hard candies that nobody likes and the teeny tiny tootsie rolls and the no-name fruit squares that are knock-offs of starbursts, and the root beer barrels and all those types of candy that I don't know why they still make because nobody I know would eat any of it.

I guess kids will eat any kind of candy though, and those little beggars can't be choosers!


Broken China Treasures said...

OMG, you gave away your bags and boxes! I understand, but I hope you included a business card!! ;-)

PussDaddy said...

What a cute dog. I only got 2 trick or treaters, and they were my friend's kids.