Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Am I Doing Up So Early?

I woke up a little before 5:30 and Keith was still sleeping next to me. Uh-oh. He is supposed to be going out the door at 5:30, not still snoozing away. So he jumped out of bed and threw his clothes on and rushed out the door, not even stopping to feed the cats. And since the cats hadn't been fed yet, they were milling about the bedroom, jumping up onto the windowsill and rattling the blinds and onto the bed and meowing and I couldn't get back to sleep so I just got up. And fed them.

We finally got our ballots filled out so we can get those into the mail today. We are permanent absentee voters, best thing ever when the powers that be decided to make absentee voting available on a permanent basis, no more forgetting to get down to the polls on voting day or standing in long lines at the polls on voting day. I highly recommend it.

I did have a tough time deciding who to vote for as far as the governor goes. Hmm...Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman. What a choice. A career politician who didn't seem to do much the first time he was governor or a billionaire who hires illegals to do her housework? I went with Meg.

I'm registered Democrat and Keith is Republican but as I get older I'm really starting to lean more towards the more conservative Republican viewpoint in a lot of ways so quite a few Republicans got my vote this time around.

Proposition 19 had me in quite a quandary as to which way to vote. It's the one where marijuana would be legal in small personal amounts, but hey, it's already legal because all you have to do is go to the pot doctor at the 'dispensary' and tell him you have migraines and he'll give you a prescription. They say that legalizing it will make it taxable and lots of money will be generated for the state, but I just don't know about all this. Seems to me Californians are stupid enough without the state saying hey, smoke more pot because it's legal now and we want to tax you on it and who cares if pot makes you even dumber than you already are now. We like doped up people in our state because then we can do whatever we want AND YOU WON'T CARE!

So, I voted no.

I guess since I have a few extra hours this morning because of getting up earlier than usual I could get more done today, right?

Meh, probably not.

Poor Pepper, yesterday Buddy was in a bullying kind of mood and got mad at me because I made him get down from right in front of me on the computer desk, so as he's going down the hall he sees Pepper there minding her own business and he got right up in her face and started smacking away at her. She smacks back, though.


PussDaddy said...

I absentee voted too. I only do it for the "little' elections and still go in for the big one and do it in person. I just like the ritual of it all I guess.


PussDaddy said...
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