Saturday, September 11, 2010

No More Bread?

Or potatoes, pasta, and rice?

Keith and I went back to the doctor yesterday afternoon for our follow ups on our blood draws and we both have too much fat in our blood (and on our bodies) and our cholesterol is too high and have to eliminate starch from our diets. Like bread. I love bread. What the heck else do you eat for lunch if it's not a sandwich?

Salad? Yeah, salads are great as long as you can have some BREAD with them.

Soup? Same thing, you need some BREAD along with that soup.

Rolled up lunch meat with cheese inside and no BREAD? Sounds good, but when did a rolled up piece of lunch meat with cheese inside ever really fill you up?

Eggs? Sure, eggs are great when you've got some TOASTED BREAD to go with them.

A hamburger patty? Much better on a HAMBURGER BUN MADE OUT OF BREAD!


Then even without the bread we've got to make sure the other stuff we eat isn't too high in cholesterol. Like eggs. And hamburger patties. And salad dressing. And cheese. And lunch meat.


We also need to exercise more, so after dinner last night, which was leftover chicken enchiladas which we'll probably never get to eat again because of the tortillas, and low carb tortillas are not an option, because have you ever TASTED one of those, I made Keith go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. I really enjoyed it, but he went under protest. I reminded him of the days when we went bike riding all the time and remember how enjoyable that was and is this really all that bad and don't you feel better for getting a little exercise and fresh air?

He does have a good excuse for not wanting to do anything, though. His testosterone levels are way way low, and have been way way low for quite a while now, and not having enough testosterone in a man's body causes them to be tired, cranky, irritable, gain weight easily, have bone loss, and lots and lots of other things. So, despite the INCREDIBLY high cost of the meds, he is going to start using a testosterone cream that you put on your shoulders and arms each day that will fix that low testosterone thing and hopefully renew his energy and in general make him feel much better. And not so darn cranky.

We'll see.

And wish us luck on the no bread thing. Keith's favorite snack after work is nachos and chips are like even more evil than bread, so...


CapriciousCat said...

Doctors are idiots. Cut out the simple carbs (white bread, white rice, desserts, chips, and soda), and decrease the fat and the meat. Then increase the exercise, and increase the fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Oh, and drink plenty of water (just buy a simple filter if you don't like the taste of tap water). It's hard at first, but the pay off is worth it. Your heart will thank you, and so will your hips and your bowels.

Anonymous said...

ditto what Cat said!