Friday, September 10, 2010


I really really wanted to wake up this morning to my 4000th sale. But, no, I am stuck at 3999 and counting. I remember back to when I hit my first 100th sale in late 2006 and couldn't believe that I could actually sell ONE HUNDRED items in my Etsy shop. That first 100 milestone was probably the most exciting, but 4000 would be pretty darn exciting, too.

Maybe tomorrow.

It does seem that the sales numbers just don't go up as fast as they did during the first few years of my etsy shop, lots of factors there, more and more sellers selling, and less money for people to spend. I am still on the list of the top 100 jewelry sellers on Etsy, although down around number 79 or so. I can't complain too much, but still keep trying to find that magical something that people just can't live without that would propel me to like number 5 on the list.

What's new in the shop? More animal pendants. I had found some of these at Target but their selection left a lot to be desired and I got the one hedgehog that they had and sold it but no more hedgehogs to be found except one of these baby hedgehogs cavorting.

We even drove all the way out to the little zoo on the other side of town thinking they might have a better selection of animals in their gift shop, but only found a few. Then Keith was checking out the Tractor Supply store or whatever it's called that has been open for a few years but we've never been inside since we don't have a tractor that we need supplies for. But, apparently they sell way more than tractors there, including jeans and what do you know, plastic toy animals. He brought home a little catalog that the plastic toy animal people put out and you can even get little people to go with your animals, and little jungle huts for your people to live in.

I found some smaller animals in a package out at the zoo gift shop, including this little gray bunny rabbit.

And I love baby jungle cats, like this ferocious little tiger.


and this cute little lion cub.

What else?

We did have a beautiful day yesterday with temps in the high 70's. It was wonderful being able to have the windows open all day and even better, the air quality was actually in the good range, so it was okay to breathe the air that was coming in the open windows. The cats really love it when I open up the back sliding door, they will lay there for hours in the breeze.

Speaking of cats, I tossed my funky pajamas into the closet, missing the basket of dirty clothes of course, thinking that I would do the laundry this morning, but I will wait until Pepper is done taking her nap on my dirty smelly pajamas.

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