Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's Up This Week

Um, not a whole lot yet. It is supposed to get up to 107 degrees today. I set my alarm for 6:30 today in the hopes of getting out for a bike ride before it's 107 since I haven't been out yet this week. We went for our annuals at the doctors on Monday morning and then yesterday morning were at the blood lab at 8 am for our blood work. We didn't get out of there until almost 9. I hadn't been to the doctor in almost 2 years, last year being the year of Putting Everything Off because we were (and still are) extremely poor. After Keith getting his colonoscopy and lots of blood work last year that ended up costing us about $800.00 in co-pays I decided that nobody else was running up any medical bills last year.

We'll see what the insurance will or won't pay on this year. I hate insurance companies.

We rented a few movies this weekend, going to the rental box in Vons which had turned into a Blockbuster rental box (if you can't beat em, join em) which was only $1.00 per movie and didn't even charge sales tax like the Red Box does, but Blockbusters rental boxes take FOREVER to get the movie out and when you return it it takes FOREVER and you are standing there wondering if it is going to credit you with returning the movie or if you'll be paying $1.00 a day for it for the rest of your life.

Anyway, we watched Hot Tub Time Machine, silly silly movie but funny, funny at the same time. No Oscar winner there, but fun and silly to watch. Then we watched The Road, which was so totally opposite of Hot Tub Time Machine, very dark and depressing, but excellently acted. Depressing, though. If we have a nuclear war any time soon I don't think I'd want to survive and have to eat the cats first, children next.

After we took those two movies back we got Ghost Writer and Gamers, again totally opposite types of movies. Ghost Writer was really good and reminded me of Hitchcock movies from the sixties, the dark style of filming and the dramatic music and intrigue. Gamers was a little boring at parts, lots of blood and guts, but the premise of the whole thing of mind control and video games interesting.

What else? Oh, we had a good dinner last night, when I was trying to come up with the week's menu Keith suggested cheese ravioli, which I never think to make and I don't know why, because how easy is cooking up ravioli and warming up some spaghetti sauce anyway? I steamed a cauliflower to go with it, and how easy is that when you use the plastic steaming bags that you can buy in a box right next to the tin foils and plastic wraps. Put your vegetables in the steaming bag and into the microwave for a few minutes and they come out perfect and no pots and pans to clean up. So ravioli will definitely go into our dinner menu rotation from now on.

Did anyone else watch America's Got Talent last night? It's the semi-finals now, exciting stuff! I'm still kind of embarrassed that I got hooked on this show but it's the ONLY reality type show that I am hooked on, so...

That Prince Poppycock is one good looking man in real life. If he doesn't get a gig being Prince Poppycock on a stage somewhere he will get one as an underwear model or posing for the covers of romance novels, that's for sure. I'm also partial to the one singer who did the Joe Cocker song last night, he's pretty good. And the ballroom dancer kids, they're fun to watch. I was really disappointed in the goth magician's act last night, the first time I saw him I thought he'd be going somewhere but after last night the only place he'll be going is back home. And that poor girl singer from YouTube, sorry, you just don't have a good enough voice.

Can't wait for next week's show!

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