Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday it got up to 111 degrees here. ONE HUNDRED AND FREAKING ELEVEN DEGREES! Needless to say it was rather warm. Today is supposed to be almost as warm but what's weird is it's supposed to drop into the low 80's this weekend. And then back up into the high 90's next week. It's HOT!

Keith called his mom the other night and she must be feeling better because she complained and complained and complained about the rehab hospital and what a hell hole it is. The doctor tried to explain to her that she had suffered brain damage and what do the doctors know anyway and now she can't drive anymore and they are feeding her swill and her roommate has the TV on all day and she can't sleep and they keep poking her for blood and she wants to go home and why is Bruce paying her bills and she can pay her own bills and she doesn't need nursing care when she does go home and on and on and on. So, she's feeling better. Back to her normal anyway.

I have some new animal necklaces in the shop.


and a raccoon or racoon depending on how you want to spell it, both apparently being correct.

and some ducks in a row.

a meerkat.

and some baby penguin chicks.

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