Saturday, August 21, 2010

Funny Kitty

This basket with a bunch of recipes torn out of magazines in it (not that I'll ever cook any of those recipes, just look at the pictures) has been sitting on the filing cabinet for weeks now because I *was* going to clean it out, but you know how that goes. Anyway, Mimi discovered it yesterday. She was trying to climb into some other plastic baskets filled with my new paper boxes and mini notepads and I kept shooing her away so she found this basket to climb into instead. The paper crinkling noises were almost as satisfying as the merchandise crinkling noises were.

She sat in there for a little while and got bored and went off somewhere else.

Then today back into the basket she goes. Keith said that we should go buy her a basket of her own and put some paper in it but you know if we did that she's just totally ignore it and then we'd have another basket of paper sitting around.

Kind of a tight squeeze there, kiddo.

But even with her rear end sticking out the back it was a good place for a little nap.

Keith did get home late last night, about 11:30 and then we talked for a while and finally went to bed around 1:30. He took a shower and then started to take one again this morning because he was forgot he had already taken one last night. More on his trip and how his mom is doing later.

We went to get some breakfast this morning at Coco's because we have no food in the house at all, not even a salmonella filled egg, and we had coupons that expire tomorrow for a buy one get one free entree over there, so one of us got a free breakfast. We haven't been out for breakfast in a long long time (no money) so it was a nice change of pace and pretty darn tasty. Very crowded though, so somebody still has money for breakfast out either that or everybody else was using up their coupons.

And now Keith is napping and I'm editing pictures on the computer, I'm redoing the shop pictures yet again because I'm bored with how boring they look.

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CapriciousCat said...

Cats are stubborn little critters, aren't they? And I'll never understand why they choose to sleep in some of the oddest, most uncomfortable spots they can find. I think it might be a form of bragging--they know that if we tried it, not only could we NOT sleep a wink, but we'd spend the next day walking around looking like human pretzels.

Your notepads are too cute, by the way! Near Christmas, you should remind people what great little stocking stuffers they'd be. They'd also be nice wedding favours or party favours for the kiddies, especially if you could find some kid-themed paper. Very clever!