Friday, July 30, 2010

Update on The Situation in Las Vegas

Well, no last minute trip to Vegas is needed this weekend, which is good because we have no money for trips to Vegas. Keith's mom is home and he talked to her for about an hour tonight and she didn't have a stroke and her heart looks good and she's got a nurse type person coming to check on her twice a day and someone from her church is going to clean the house once a week and someone else is going to make sure she's eating right, so things look okay for now.

I was very proud of Keith for not raising his voice during the whole conversation, his mom can get a little frustrating and cantankerous and he usually loses his temper and starts lecturing her, but he did a real good job keeping his cool. He did say that she didn't want to take the pills that she was given at the hospital and tried to sell them back to the pharmacy and they looked at her like she was nuts, and then when they wouldn't take them back she asked them if she could sell them to someone else, and then they looked at her like she was REALLY nuts, and told her no.

She asked if we'd had lightning here recently and then said that she was hit by lightning when she was a child. Which I totally believe and explains a WHOLE LOT right there.

Keith's other brothers, both of whom make a whole lot more money than we do, have visits planned with her in the next few weeks, so we think he can skip going out there for now.

Although I was kind of looking forward to a weekend by myself without having to cook for anyone but don't tell him that.

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PussDaddy said...

I didn't know she was sick but I am glad she is going to be ok. It is hard to deal with a difficult sick person.