Friday, July 30, 2010

Coupons in the Cat Litter Box and Other Stuff

We've been using this cat litter that's made out of wheat, mainly because the commercial cat litters kind of stink what with all the chemicals and whatever else they put in them so that you won't smell the cat pee. The added scents are supposed to cover up cat pee smell but when your cats fur smells like highly scented cat litter you kind of wonder if this stuff is good for them, what with them spending so much time sitting and scratching in it. Anyway, the stuff is called Swheat Scoop, and while it may cost a little more than clay based litters, it's made out of wheat so you could probably even make a loaf of bread out of it. And, anyway, the last few boxes we've gotten had a coupon inside where if you save 12 of them you send them in for a coupon for a free box of litter. Is it worth saving up 12 coupons to get a free box of litter? I was a little hesitant to even bother with it because it would take us at the very least 6 months to save up enough coupons, but what the heck, we'll save them and maybe some day get a free box of litter.

Well, today I open up a new box of Swheat Scoop- I always want to pronounce the name as sweat like body sweat not sweet like candy, which a full litter box definitely doesn't resemble in the least and there is nothing sweet about it at all, more like stinky sweat if you ask me, but anyway, I open up the box and it is crammed full of coupons like the coupon machine went a little crazy. There ended up being 7 coupons falling out of the box,'s the little things that brighten your day, right?

Free cat litter coming soon.

Keith may be taking a little trip to Vegas here soon, not for fun in the sun as you might think, but to check on his mom. His son James, who lives in a little garage apartment at her house, supposedly to help take care of her, called us yesterday with the news that she had thought she was having a heart attack and was being taken by ambulance to the hospital. She is a worrying sort of person and hasn't been sleeping well because she worries so much, and started feeling dizzy and having chest pains and pushed her life alert button that called the paramedics and then called James, who was out walking his dog or something. Anyway, her EKG looked fine so the paramedics thought maybe it was an anxiety attack, but it turns out that it may have been a mini stroke. So...she was going to spend the night at the hospital and then probably come home today. Keith is a little worried now, too, and thinks it might be best if he gets in the car and drives out there. I agree, and even though we can't afford the gas for the 5 hour trip, it's something that he really needs to do, so good thing we still have credit available on the credit card to pay for that gas with. We're just waiting to see if they actually release her today and if so he'll probably drive out there tonight or tomorrow morning.

And, last night I made a dinner that turned out good! Surprise surprise! I had chicken enchiladas on the menu, kind of a staple around here since even though it is a little labor intensive, what with frying tortillas and shredding chicken, and grating cheese, and rolling those little suckers up, it's fairly economical and only has a few ingredients, so...chicken enchiladas. I have always used La Victoria enchilada sauce which is okay but a little too bitey spicy for me and usually gives me a little indigestion and why I kept using it I don't know, but I got a can of Old El Paso sauce this time, I think because it was cheaper maybe. Anyway, it was REALLY GOOD! Not spicy, but kind of sweet. So now it will be Old El Paso in my enchiladas, which did I say tasted REALLY GOOD?

I finally cleaned the bathrooms this morning, a job that for some reason I procrastinate quite badly about, each day saying tomorrow I'll clean the bathroom. I don't know why I hate it so much because it only took me all of 15 minutes to clean and if I just did that every few days instead of putting it off and putting it off I'd have a continually clean bathroom. Maybe I should make it a rule that I can't have my coffee until I clean the dang bathroom or something. Snort. Like that would actually work, I'd just hate cleaning the bathroom even more because I hadn't had my coffee yet.


Broken China Treasures said...

I know what you mean about cleaning the bathroom. I hate cleaning the house! Actually, I would gladly make a deal with dear hubby that if he cleaned I would mow - even in the 99 degree heat and the acre that we have, I would rather mow. Am I crazy or just hate to clean house?

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi... hope your hubby's mom is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

oh, and Yay! for all those coupons!!


PussDaddy said...

Funny because a coupon just fell out of my bag of cat food. I think it is worth saving them if it is something you use all the time. We do it for the car wash. You got lucky tho getting all those in one bag, must have been a machine malfunction, lol.

I just cleaned my bathroom too. I don't know why but even if the rest of my house is messy I have to have a clean bathroom and kitchen.