Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Weekend- Yawn

We had a rather ho-hum holiday weekend. We didn't barbecue anything for the Fourth of July because it's not payday yet and our cupboard is kind of bare plus we don't even HAVE a barbecue if we even had anything to barbecue on it. We thought about going up to Tehachapi for their Hot Dog Festival and Fireworks, what could be more festive than hot dogs, right? But we had no money for the extra gas to get up to Tehachapi, so maybe next year we'll go.

We did rent some movies from the whatever company it is that has a box at Vons, it's not Red Box, and even though the box is red if you try to return a Red Box movie there it won't work as we found out a few months ago. Duh. We watched The Book of Eli which was totally stupid, and Crazy Heart, which was good, and then actually rode the bikes to Vons to return them the next day. We haven't ridden the bikes in a long long time but it was fun to get back on them even though by the time we got ourselves together and the bikes cleaned up it was getting really really hot. When we returned those movies we got two more, The Blind Side, which we both liked, and It's Complicated, which was not all that great. At least you're only spending a buck for a stinker movie, not like if you had spent $50.00 on admission and popcorn for a lousy movie.

We almost forgot that it was Fourth of July while watching The Blind Side until I heard banging and popping noises and the cats started running around the house going WHAT IS THAT NOISE!?! and we remembered what day it was. We only had a few houses on our street who did fireworks, so it wasn't too noisy.

Last night after dinner we took another bike ride around the neighborhood and it was really nice and pleasant with the sun going down and the day cooling off. Our neighborhood is in a big area called Riverlakes, there is a lake here that we never see because it's in the rich part of the neighborhood, but no river unless you count the irrigation canal. We live in the 'bad side of the tracks' ghetto next to walmart part of the neighborhood, and as you ride the bikes up towards the golf course gated community part the houses start getting bigger and bigger and nicer and nicer.

Then it's back to our ghetto street.

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