Friday, July 2, 2010

The Attack of the Killer Morning Glories

Doesn't sound too menacing, does it? I mean come on, MORNING GLORIES? Attacking? They are happy sun loving plants, right? They don't attack anything, do they?

... Or DO they?

Cue dun dun dun shark attack type music here.

Our morning glory plant in the front flower bed that we got on clearance last summer for $6.00 survived the winter frost and has ever since been spreading its morning gloriness all over the trellis that we bought especially for its morning glory self. Spreading and spreading. But, I think it has ulterior motives behind its glorious spreading, like wrapping itself around us and slowly slowly squeezing us to death. But, then who would water it? Oh, yeah, the sprinklers are AUTOMATIC so squeeze away!

It's really kind of creepy how fast its little tendrils grow.

Looks perfectly innocent, doesn't it. Big beautiful glorious flowers. But don't be fooled by its innocence and beauty. Those tendrils are out to get you.

Seriously, I'm afraid to get too close to it.

They'll grab onto your ankles and suck you in.

This tendril was only up to the line in the sidewalk yesterday.

And this one is headed towards the door, where it will creep into the house, down the hallway...

Scared yet?

Maybe we should have one of the cats guard the door for us.


PussDaddy said...

Better not let the cats out. 0_0


Jennifer said...

Dont watch the movie The Ruins. It's all about a plant killing people, not anything like Little Shop of Horrors, but a vine like plant. The book was really good, but the movie creeped me out!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ha ha - I was going to say read the book, "The Ruins", but Jen beat me to it. If you read it, you will never think the same about a vine. Ever.
We all read it on the way down Baja last year and then would go hiking across sand dunes and completely get creeped out if there were vines.

Campbell Jane said...

hum...I think I'd like to be attacked by a beautiful morning glory!
Happy 4th!

CapriciousCat said...

Carry a machete with you at all times :D