Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nothing Much Just Random Stuff

It's been an odd week weather wise, with it being cool enough in the mornings to actually open up the windows and turn the a/c off. The cats are loving being able to sit at the back door and hear all the sounds and smell all the smells.

Best thing we ever did was move this kitty condo over by the door, it usually has at least one cat on or in it and the scratching posts have almost been destroyed, much better than the couch being destroyed.

We do have some fires in the local mountains that have burned quite a few houses, one near Lake Isabella along the Kern River where there are little mountain towns and houses, and one near Tehachapi in an area that I didn't even know had a little community in it. The news had a story about one of the river rafting companies ferrying firefighters across the river in rafts, the fire burning in a really rugged area where going across the river is the only way to get in.

A few weeks ago I had pulled the green waste trash can out front so that I could put some green waste in it, and then left it by the garage door since it was going to be put on the curb that night for trash day, and of course our spy from the homeowners association came by and took a picture of it. Which they sent to us yesterday with their little 'courtesy notice' about how we aren't supposed to leave the trash cans out. So, I moved my rude little gnome to where any pictures taken of the house will have him front and center. Or should I say rear and center. Because homeowners association, you can just kiss this!

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Anonymous said...

okay, I love the gnome! and I would hate living in a homeowners what-cha-ma-call-it like that, where you have to pay dues and follow rules. No fun. :(