Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vet Visit and Coffee and Sleep Issues

Pepper survived the vet visit and only bit Keith once. She got weighed in the little weighing bucket when we first got in the room and then sat hiding in the weighing bucket the whole time we were waiting for the vet to come in, which was a long wait. We wrapped her up like a burrito in a towel while she was getting her shots but she still managed to bite Keith's finger right through the gloves he was wearing. Then we wrapped her up even tighter while her anal glands were getting expressed, no biting, but lots of growling during that. Her glands weren't too bad, so washing her bottom every day must be helping. Even though it's gross to have to wash her bottom every day. It costs $21.83 to have anal glands expressed, by the way.

There were some big dogs in the vet office, too, big big dogs. One huge dog was not very friendly and had the deepest bark and growl I've ever heard. The K-9 dog was also waiting, a GIGANTIC Rottweiler that was shedding like crazy and panting like crazy. The officer had him over in a corner by himself and the corner looked like they had just shaved the dog there was so much hair on the floor.

Aren't all you coffee drinkers thrilled over the news that coffee is actually really really good for you and may help prevent all sorts of cancers? I know I am happy to know that my 3 or 4 cups of coffee every morning are now a good thing to be drinking. Either that or Starbucks paid off the researchers in an effort to sell more coffee. I wish some researcher would find out that Ben and Jerry's ice cream is also full of antioxidants and whatever and we should eat more ice cream. Doughnuts, too.

On to sleep issues. I've always had a hard time getting to sleep. Once I'm asleep I'm okay, but I get on these jags where it takes me FOREVER to fall asleep because my mind just won't stop thinking about random things, these jags where eventually I have to take a benadryl or a simply sleep pill to get a good nights sleep and break the cycle. I tried some new melatonin based pills by Nature Made vitamins, but they gave me some weirder than usual dreams and it seemed like I tossed and turned a lot more than usual during the night. Either that or it was just that it was too hot in the bedroom.

This is what I was thinking about one night while trying to sleep. Alligators. Specifically alligators that eat you. Alligators that eat you while you are jogging on a jogging path in Florida. Not to mention the crocodiles that eat you while you are sunbathing on a beach in Australia. True stories, those.

Why am I thinking about alligators and crocodiles while trying to get to sleep? I DON'T KNOW! but that's the way my over active mind works while trying to get to sleep, it thinks about stupid stuff when it should be sleeping instead. I don't think I'm ever going to be vacationing in Florida or Australia any time soon, never mind jogging on a jogging path through an alligator infested swamp, so my mind thinking about getting eaten by an alligator or crocodile is just weird.

The past few nights have been a little better, maybe because I left the air conditioner on and it was cooler in the bedroom, or maybe because I had my green tea after dinner, I don't know, but it has been nice not to be thinking about alligators and crocodiles instead of falling asleep.

Lucy decided my purse looked like a nice pillow for a little rest the other day.

And your point is?


PussDaddy said...

I love animals but I am not sure I am the anal gland expressing type so I think cats are better for me, lol.


PussDaddy said...

I don't drink coffee either but my husband does. I guess I am doomed.

I love the pics of your cats. They are so cute.