Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What in the World (Were they Thinking?) Wednesday and Other Stuff

Firstly, we went for a little walk after watching Jeopardy (yes, we are Jeopardy nerds!) last night, and as we turned the corner to the next street we see two big bulldogs sitting in the front yard of the house on the corner. The bulldogs saw us and it was like 'oh hai, pet us please!' and they started lumbering towards us, snuffling and sniffling and huffing and puffing. Bulldogs certainly have some heavy breathing issues, don't they? Anyway, they come up to us and we see that the tops of their ears and heads are all raw and bloody and I'm not about to pet you because you are all RAW AND BLOODY, and do you belong at this house and did you get all raw and bloody from squeezing under the fence or something?

So, we start on our walk again and here come the bulldogs, walking along with us like they just found some new lifelong friends and maybe we have dog biscuits in our pockets and maybe we'll just follow you on home. So, we start knocking on doors to see if we can find the owner since of course there are no collars and no tags on these bulldogs, because hey, it's Bakersfield and everybody owns a dog but who me get my dogs vaccinated and pay for tags? Hell, no! And neutering? It was quite obvious from the HUGE testicles that were swinging away as the boy bulldog was walking along in front of us that neutering is for sissies around here.

Anyway, the first house said no, they weren't their dogs, but might belong to the people a few houses down. So, then we start knocking on houses with BEWARE OF DOG signs on the fences and finally find the right house, where the side gate is gaping open, obviously the bulldogs escape route.

The woman in the house said that she had just taken the dogs to the vet for the bloody raw heads that apparently were caused by flies eating at the dogs. So, why don't you spray for the flies or keep the poor bastards in the house where the flies won't get them?

They were typical bulldogs, so ugly that they are cute, and very friendly and I would have petted them if not for the bloody raw heads that is. I'm just glad we found their house and they didn't follow us all the way home!

And now for What in the World Wednesday.

I was perusing the sold section of Pounce on Etsy the other day just to see what's selling, nothing of mine of course, but did come across this baby shower centerpiece thing. Now, I've seen the diaper cake things that are actually kind of cute, and I did see a baby carriage diaper thing that was pretty clever, but this diaper BABY is just creepy. Really creepy. But, people are buying it, so go figure.

I think I'd be having nightmares about what my baby might look like if I saw this sitting around at my baby shower, but that's just me.

And, from around the internet.

First off, this grandma's got attitude for sure!

My sentiments exactly when shopping at walmart.

And this appears to be someone who brought their own beverage to enjoy while browsing the aisles at their local walmart, which is smart thinking as far as I'm concerned, BUT...

What really happened, if this is a typical walmart shopper, is that she went over to the housewares section and opened up a package of wine glasses, then over to the grocery section where she opened up a wine box and filled her glass. That's how walmart shoppers around here would do it.

And this just made me laugh.

I'll see you in HELL dog!

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PussDaddy said...

Those poor dogs with the raw bloody heads. I don't know why vets don't call the humane society when they see this stuff. They could always treat the dog then call later and be sneaky about it.

That diaper baby is just plain ugly. End of story.