Monday, June 28, 2010

Hotness and Whatever

We had our first 100 degree day of the summer yesterday. whoohoo!!


It's only 8:15 am and it's already 83 out there with 105 expected today.


I'm already all sweaty.

Needless to say, we didn't do a whole lot yesterday. I did some grocery shopping and then sat on the couch in front of the a/c with a book. Keith was out in the back yard doing some assorted yard work. I don't know how he could stand being out there but he's used to being outside when it's hot I guess.

We had Fruit-o-Rama this weekend. I got a pineapple, cantaloupe, and a watermelon at the store and we had some fruit salad, with a whole lot more of the pineapple, cantaloupe, and watermelon still in the fridge. Then Keith pulled all of the ripe apricots and plums off of the trees before they all fell off and contributed to the big rotting fruit mess under the trees, and took bags of fruit to all the neighbors. Then our neighbor brought us a big bag of peaches from her tree. More fruit.

Pepper goes to the vet today for her checkup and shots, which should be loads of fun. We bring along a towel to wrap her up in and Keith puts on his welding gloves to hold her with. Even with the welding gloves she still managed to scratch him up last time we were at the vet.

Oh, and we have new screens on our windows, just in time for the weather to be too hot to even open the windows, but oh well. The screen in our bedroom window was so shredded by age and cat claws that it was being held together with packing tape, which kind of defeats the purpose of a screen, seeing as how the breeze can't get through packing tape. Also, bugs were coming in the holes not covered up by packing tape. So, Keith got this dark screen that's supposed to help keep the sun out, thereby helping to keep your house cooler, and replaced all the screens in all the windows, and then bought a kit to make a new screen window for the window in the living room that we haven't been able to open in 2 years because there was no screen there at all. The reason that there was no screen there is because of our cats.

When the 3 little kids were still kittens, they managed to break the screen window in the front room when they got all excited by a cat outside and pushed the screen right out of the window, bending it unusable. I still remember trying to catch 3 half grown kittens that had jumped out the window and were running around the front yard. Anyway, we put the living room window screen on the front room window and then just didn't ever open that living room window again. But now we can. Even though it's going to be too hot for a few months.

And that was our ever so exciting weekend.

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PussDaddy said...

It has been really hot here too geelizzie. When it isn't storming. It rained and thundered and lighening'ed for a week straight. I went out and it was so hot it sucked the breathe right out of my chest and the humidity made my car windows turn white like they had wax on them and I couldn't see a damn thing until I got some air on them to defrost them or whatever. It was like looking out the window thru a sheet of paper, lol.

Our cats ran thru our screendoor in Ca. in a panic during an earthquake once so we could never open our door for air or they wold get out. I finally trained them that when an earhquake came to run behind the water bed and get between it and the wall. They felt safer there even if they weren't. lol

I just paid guys to clean my gutters on my house and had the landlord replace our drainspouts as they were all rotted out and the water just beat against the house and ran down it.

I don't eat enough fruit. When I buy it I go overboard and then I can't eat it fast enough and it goes bad and then I don't want to buy it next time for this reason.