Tuesday, May 18, 2010


After a weekend of hotness, yesterday it was chilly and actually rained. Very strange. Even the local weather guy was surprised. He said that last year on yesterdays date the high temp was 105.

Did anyone else watch Brothers and Sisters on Sunday night for the big finale? It's really not that great of a show but since nothing much else is on at 10pm on Sundays I've been following the show, especially since it comes on right after Desperate Housewives. The big wreck at the end where everyone in the family gets in a big horrible multi car wreck and everyone is all bloody and Rob Lowe dies from a big head injury or whatever got me wondering about why nobody had AIR BAGS in their cars. No deflated airbags to be seen anywhere.

Speaking of watching TV (yes our lives are boring and we watch TV), I'm sitting on the couch last night and glance over to the corner where Lucy and Buddy are sleeping in the cat tower and this is the view I see. Lucy loves to let it all hang out.


Jennifer said...

I loved Brothers and Sisters when it first came out. Jeremy watched it the other night, I had forgotten it was on, nut I already knew that they were killing Rob Lowe off since they have been advertising his new TV show. Kind of makes me mad that they are doing that because he is my favorite one on the show.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Our pooch Frank lays like that, cracks me up every time!


Campbell Jane said...

I never watched the show but I watch tv too :) Airbags! That's too funny! My son notices things like that. It would have flown right over my head! haha