Monday, May 17, 2010

Nothing in Particular

Not a whole heck of a lot has been going on around here this past week. We do have summer weather already and christened the air conditioner this weekend when it got to be 85 INSIDE the house because it was 95 outside. We'd had all the windows and doors open all day because Keith is still working on the never ending floor project and that glue stinks not to mention gives you a headache if there isn't enough ventilation, and by the end of the day all the hot air from outside had taken up residence inside and dang, it was HOT in here.

Yes, the floor has turned out to be a much bigger project than either of us expected it to be. The boxes of flooring are very misleading about how 'easy' it is to lay it. Maybe if you have more than one person doing the job it might be easy, but for one person it's just too much. Keith has vowed to never ever ever lay wood flooring ever ever again.

But, it should be finished maybe by the end of next weekend, the end is in sight and there is only a few feet left to do. Believe it or not, it takes hours to just get a few feet done what with all the measuring and sawing and gluing and cussing. Sigh...

I did do some cleaning and grocery shopping this weekend but other than that just sweated because the house was so hot.

Mimi spent her afternoon yesterday on the vacuum cleaner cord. Again. I had intended to vacuum the bedroom but didn't want to disturb her nap.

She is a strange kitty. She also plays fetch with Keith. He crumples up a piece of paper and throws it and she scampers after it, picks it up, and will (most of the time) bring it back to him so he can throw it again. Very funny to watch.


CapriciousCat said...

My mother's cat, Ozzy, plays fetch. But he used to belong to former dog owners, so we always figured that he learned to fetch from them because they truly didn't know the first thing about owning a cat. Worked out in the end, though, because Ozzy is a great cat and wonderful company for my 85 year old mother.

PussDaddy said...

Jasper plays fetch too. He taught himself. One day he trotted up to us with a play mouse and we threw it and he went after it and brought it back and now he will do it all day long if you will.